RELEASE DATE:2020-07-25 17:06
Brief: On 27 March 2020, INMETRO issued Ordinance No.111 establishing the provisional certification process to be followed during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), and on 22 June, INMETRO issued Decree 225 providing additional amendment on the certification process during the coronavirus pandemic.

As of July 12, 2020, 1.86 million new cases of coronavirus had been diagnosed in Brazil, the largest number of confirmed cases in Latin America, with the largest number of confirmed cases in the state of São Paulo, at 372,000.

On March 27, 2020, INMETRO (NationalInstitute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) issued the Ordinance No.111, which approved extraordinary conditions for carrying out conformity assessment activities during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). And on June 22, Ordinance No. 225 was issued and Ordinance No. 111 was amended. 

In cases of surveillance activities with a periodicity equal to or greater than 12 months, the audit must be carried out within a maximum period of 6 months, except if the new scheduled date for carrying out the face-to-face audit still falls within the period of restricted travel or return to economic activities. 

Alternatively, based on risk analysis, the Certification Body may take the decision to perform a remote audit. So, all face-to-face activities required by the Inmetro’s Conformity Assessment Regulation of the product are exempted to be performed. 

In the event of a decision by the remote audit, it must be carried out by December 31st, 2020. 

The tests may be performed by the manufacturer in 1st or 3rd party laboratories accredited in Brazil or abroad, under ILAC umbrella, regardless of the criteria for using laboratories established by the Inmetro’s Conformity Assessment Regulation of the product;

The CB can take the decision to issue the certificate of conformity based on a test report issued no more than 6 (six) months before the start of the certification process, since the test report makes reference to the samples that are part of the family or model subject to certification and to the normative basis equal or equivalent to that provided for in the Inmetro’s Conformity Assessment Regulation of the product. The more favorable requirements of the Inmetro’s Conformity Assessment Regulation of the product can be take into account, when existing. (In this event, the CB is obliged to carry out the tests provided for in the specific RAC of the object within 6 (six) months after granting the certificate, which will not replace the tests provided for in the first assessment of maintenance)

During the coronavirus pandemic, INMETRO reduces the risk of factories and auditors by postponing audits and performing online audits, but the quality system of factories and products still needs to meet the requirements of INMETRO.

ATIC continued to provide Brazilian certification support to customers during the epidemic period to ensure that the Brazilian certification process and leadtime will not be affected by the epidemic.

ATIC is a young technical service company from China, established in 2015. ATIC is committed to integrate domestic and international regulations, testing and certification resources with a global perspective in the context of globalization, and establish a new, specialized regulation research, testing and certification platform. With innovative Digital Reporting System (DRS), Customer Service Platform (CSP) and self-developed Global Vehicle Regulation Database (GVRD), ATIC’s compliance service covers more than 54 countries/regions globally, testing and certification service covers more than 30 countries/regions worldwide. ATIC serve more than 3,300 manufactures each year.


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Component Homologation Department
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