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Motor Vehicle Components - CHAS
Argentine Ministry of Industry’s Regulation No. 91 of 2001 and Regulation No. 66 of 2008 established the mandatory certification system (Certificate of Homologation of Auto Safety Part - Certificado de Homologación de Autoparte de Seguridad - C.H.A.S.) for Argentine automotive aftermarket parts and safety units, which is applicable for both imported or local produced products. Related aftermarket parts shall be certified and registered with the Argentine Ministry of Industry before being allowed to be sold in the Argentine market.

ATIC provides CHAS certification service for bellow components: Tires, Warning Triangles, Helmet, Safety-belt, Brake Lining and Brake Disc, Brake Fluid, Glazing, Fire Extinguisher, Headrest, Seats and Seats Anchorages, Trailer and Semi-trailer Coupling, Turnover of Container Transport Vehicles, Vacuum Pump, Battery, Rearview Mirror, Steering System Tail Device (steering rocker, steering rod, steering joint, etc.), Shock Absorbers, Gear Rack Type Steering Mechanism, Horns, Windshield Wiping Cleaning System, Lighting and Optical Signal Devices, Trucks for Trucks and Trailers, etc.

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General Steps
ATIC engineers will support manufacture to prepare technical documents, evaluate product specifications and submit to authority for review.
ATIC engineers will draft a testing plan based on product specification and regulations, conduct testing and issue type approval certificate (if needed). QMS assessment or onsite audit may be needed.
After testing and QMS assessment pass, all documents will be reviewed and certificate of conformity will be issued.

After certification, market surveillance e.g.: verification tests or audit may be conducted by authority or certification body. Any product design change shall be reviewed by authority and extension of the certificate may be needed.
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Products and Standards
No. Producto Product Regulation
1 Llantas Tires IRAM 113320, IRAM 113321
2 Triángulos de advertencia Warning Triangles
3 Casco Helmet IRAM AITA 3621
4 Cinturón de seguridad Safety-belt IRAM AITA 3641
5 Forro de freno y disco de freno Brake Lining and Brake Disc IRAM AITA 6-C2
6 Líquido de los frenos Brake Fluid IRAM AITA 6H1-6H5, 6H10
7 Acristalamiento Glazing IRAM AITA 1H3
8 Extintor de incendios Fire Extinguisher IRAM 3523
9 Reposacabezas Headrest IRAM AITA 1G1
10 Asientos y Anclajes de Asientos Seats and Seats Anchorages -
11 Acoplamiento de remolque y semirremolque Trailer and Semi-trailer Coupling  IRAM 10024
12 Volumen de negocios del vehículo de transporte Contrainer Turnover of Container Transport Vehicles IRAM 10024
13 Bomba aspiradora Vacuum Pump IRAM AITA 6G 3-1,  6G 3-2 
14 Batería Battery IRAM AITA 13A1
15 Espejo retrovisor Rearview Mirror R46
16 Dispositivo de cola del sistema de dirección (balancín de dirección, barra de dirección, junta de dirección, etc.) Steering System Tail Device (steering rocker, steering rod, steering joint, etc.) IRAM AITA 11 B3-1, 11B3-3
17 Amortiguadores Shock Absorbers IRAM AITA 4 D2-1, 4D2-2, 4D2-3 
18 Mecanismo de dirección tipo cremallera Gear Rack Type Steering Mechanism IRAM AITA 11A1, 11A2
19 Altavoz Horns -
20 Sistema de limpieza de limpiaparabrisas Windshield Wiping Cleaning System -
21 Dispositivos de iluminación y señales oprical Lighting and Optical Signal Devices -
22 Camiones para camiones y remolques Trucks for Trucks and Trailers IRAM AITA 8A1:1992

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