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Telecom ANATEL Certification
The Brazilian National Agency of Telecommunications (ANATEL) is a special authority created by the general telecommunications law and the ANATEL conformity mark makes the product more reliable and safer for the society. Product manufactured in Brazil and other countries must be homologated by ANATEL prior to sales into the Brazilian market.

ATIC works with Brazilian ANATEL certification bodies (OCDs) through which ANATEL certificates of conformity are issued, providing ANATEL one-stop certification services for telecom manufacturers intended to commercialize their products in the Brazilian market.

In addition, ATIC has been authorized by the major INMETRO certification bodies (OCPs) to conduct factory audit, sampling and witness testing in China. Also ATIC provides independent legal representatives service for manufactures or importers. ATIC serve more than 400 Chinese or Asian Manufactures each year.

General Steps
Documents Review
Manufacturer prepares technical documents and send to ATIC for review. Documentation includes business license, product specification, product photos, user manual etc.
Factory Audit
Generally, quality management system certificate e.g.: ISO9001 or IATF16949 will be accepted, in this case onsite factory audit will not be exempted.
Sample Testing
ATIC will draft a testing plan including sample requirements and testing items. Testing sample shall be sent to designated testing labs in Brazil for testing.
Approval, Renewal and Surveillance
After documents reviewed and testing pass Conformity Certificate and Homologation Certificate will be issued by OCP and ANATEL. For different products Category there is different periodical surveillance needed to maintain the validity of the certificate.
Other Key Points
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Telecommunication Devices
Category I: Terminal equipment used by the public for accessing public telecommunication services, such as Mobile Phones, Modems, etc.

Category II: Any device that uses radio not covered by Category I, such as Power Amplifiers, Radios, Televisions or Audio Broadcasting Equipment, etc.

Category III: Any equipment not covered by Category I or Category II that is regulated by ANATEL's rules and regulations, such as Fiber Connectors, Fiber Optic Terminals, etc.

The above three Categories of telecommunications products all need ANATEL 
Certification Maintenance
Tests shall be carried out in Brazilian Laboratory

For category I, the certification will be reviewed and updated every year
For category II, the certification will be reviewed and updated every 2 years
For category III, the certification doesn't need maintenance review

Generally, the annual review starts 4 months before the certification expires, if the product has no design change, safety tests or just documents review are required, while additional tests is required if the product has design change
Categories and Products
Category Product (English) Product (Portuguese)
Lithium Batteries
Private Telephone Swithing Centers
Coaxial Cables (Category I)
Optical Cables & Wires
Cables for Data Transmission
Telephone lines for STFC (Category I)
Optical Equipment Liability
Terminal Equipment (except ETAs, Modems, CPCTs, IP Terminal Equipment, Passive Optical Equipment and Telephones)
Equipment Terminals IP (wired and wireless)
Terminal Access Stations
Telephone Wires (except FDG)
Telephones (Fixed Service)
Telephones (Mobile Services)
Baterias de lítio
Centros Swithing Telefone Privado
Cabos Coaxiais (Categoria I)
Cabos e fios ópticos
Cabos para Transmissão de Dados
Linhas telefônicas para STFC (Categoria I)
Responsabilidade por equipamentos ópticos
Equipamento terminal (exceto ETAs, modems, CPCTs, equipamentos terminais IP, equipamentos ópticos passivos e telefones)
Terminais de equipamentos IP (com e sem fio)
Estações de Acesso Terminal
Fios telefônicos (exceto FDG)
Telefones (serviço fixo)
Telefones (serviços móveis)
RF power amplifier (except for earth station)
Equipment (non-broadcasting)
Restricted Radiation Equipment
Broadcasting Equipment - TV
Sound Broadcasting Equipment
Ground Station Equipment
Equipment for Auxiliary Broadcasting Service
Transceivers for Base Radio Station 
Amplificador de potência de RF (exceto para estação terrestre)
Equipamento (não-radiodifusão)
Equipamento de Radiação Restrita
Equipamento de Radiodifusão - TV
Equipamento de radiodifusão sonora
Equipamento de estação terrestre
Equipamento para Serviço de Radiodifusão Auxiliar
Transceptores para Estação de Rádio Base设备
Optical device Dispositivo óptico

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