Brazil Homologation for Explosive Atmospheres


Explosive Atmospheres
An Explosive Atmosphere is an environment which contains gas, vapour, dust or fibers with oxygen, in such proportion that a spark from electric circuit or heating from a device may cause an explosion. Electrical equipment installed in these environments must be eliminated or isolated the source of ignition. In order to classify an industrial plant, it is necessary to determine the type of flammable substance present in the environment, its characteristics, the probability of such substance being released into the surrounding area and the environmental conditions. Also, it is necessary to verify which groups of flammable gases and vapors or combustible dusts and fibers may be present in an industrial plant. Besides, the maximum surface temperature of electrical equipment must always remain below the ignition temperature of the explosive mixture. Source of ignition and related electrical equipments need to comply with the Brazilian INMETRO Ordinance no. 115: 2022 and pass mandatory INMETRO certification in order to legally enter the Brazilian market.

INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality) is a government department directly under the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil. With the enactment of new ordinances and implementation laws, more and more products are included into INMETRO mandatory certification scheme.

Our INMETRO certification service scope covers LED Light Sources, Road Lamps, Automotive Parts, Motorcycle Parts, Bicycle Parts, Dangerous Goods Transportation, Child Seats, Photovoltaic Products, Pressure Vessels, Household Appliances, Children's Toys and Supplies, Building Structure, Personal Protective Equipments, Explosive Atmosphere, Medical Equipments etc., a total of more than 700 products in 155 categories.

ATIC has been authorized by major Brazilian local certification bodies (OCPs) to perform INMETRO certification activities such as factory audits, sampling, and product testing in China and Asia Region. We serve more than 400 Chinese or Asian manufactures each year.
General Steps
Factory Audit and Sampling
After the certification started by Brazilian importer or ATIC legal representative, ATIC auditor will make an audit and sampling plan and make an appointment with manufacture for the onsite audit. After the appointment conformed ATIC auditors will perform the onsite factory audit and sampling. Generally the audit will take 1 day, the samples will be sealed and sent to designated testing labs.
Sample Testing
Generally testing samples shall be sent to the designated 3rd party labs, yet in some circumstance manufactures testing facility can be used. In this case, the lab assessment shall be done by ATIC auditor and all the testing shall be witnessed by ATIC auditors. Testing reports shall be submitted to ATIC auditors and OCP inspectors for review.
Legal Representative Audit
Importer or Legal Representative in Brazil will also be audited by OCP auditors, generally this audit will be focused on customer compliant procedure, warehouse management procedure etc. Such audit normally takes 1 day.
Approval and Maintenance
All reports and technical documentation shall be reviewed by ATIC and Brazilian OCP. INMETRO certificate will be issued and submitted to INMETRO by Legal Representative for registration. Registration number will be issued and shall be labeled on both product and package. Generally, maintenance shall be done each 6 months, 12 months or 18 months according to different ordinances.
Other Key Points
IEC Hazardous Area Classification
Flammable Gases and Vapors
Zone 0: An atmosphere where, under normal operation, a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapors or mist is present frequently, continuously or for long periods
Zone 1: An atmosphere where, under normal operation, a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapors or mist is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally
Zone 2: An atmosphere where, under normal operation, a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapors or mist is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur , will persist for only a short period
Combustible Dusts and Fibers
Zone 20: An atmosphere where, under normal operation, a cloud of combustible dust in the air is present frequently, continuously or for long periods
Zone 21: An atmosphere where, under normal operation, a cloud of combustible dust in the air is likely to occur in normal operation occasionally
Zone 22: An atmosphere where, under normal operation, a cloud of combustible dust in the air is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur , will persist for only a short period
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All INMETRO Certification Products and Ordinances
Items (Portuguese)
Items (English)
1 Adaptadores de plugues e tomadas
Plug and Socket Adapters
Ordinance No. 324 of 08/21/2007
2 Agente redutor de líquido automotivo - Arla 32
Automotive liquid reducing agent - Arla 32
Ordinance No. 139 of 03/21/2011
3 Agulhas hipodérmicas estéreis para uso único e agulhas gengivais estéreis para uso único
Sterile hypodermic needles for single use and sterile gingival needles for single use
Ordinance No. 501 of 12/29/2011
4 Aquecedores de água a gás, dos tipos instantâneo e de acumulação
Instantaneous and accumulating gas water heaters
Ordinance No. 182 of 12/04/2012
5 Aplicação, Reparo e Reforma de Revestimento Interno de Tanque de Carga Rodoviário destinado ao Transporte de Produtos Perigosos
Application, Repair and Reform of Internal Coating of Road Cargo Tank for the Transport of Dangerous ProductsOrdinance No. 595 of 12/18/2015
6 Artigos escolares
School supplies
Ordinance No. 481 from 07/12/2010
7 Artigos para festas
Party Supplies
Ordinance No. 545 of 10/25/2012
8 Assentos para espectadores de eventos esportivos
Seats for spectators of sporting eventsAdministrative Rule No. 622 of 11/22/2012
Administrative Rule No. 622 of 11/22/2012
9 Barras e fios de aço destinados a armadura para estrutura de concreto armado
Steel bars and wires for reinforcing concrete reinforcement
Ordinance No. 73 of 17/03/2010
10 Berços infantis
Children's cots
Ordinance No. 53 of 01/01/2016
11 Bijuterias e Joias
Jewelry & Watches
Ordinance No. 43 of 01/22/2016
12 Bloco de concreto para alvenaria
Concrete block for masonry
Ordinance No. 220 of 04/29/2013
13 Bombas e motobombas centrífugas
Centrifugal pumps and motor pumps
Ordinance No. 455 of 12/01/2010
14 Brinquedos
Ordinance No. 563, 12/29/2016
15 Cabos de aço de uso geral
General purpose steel cables
Ordinance No. 181 of 04/11/2013
16 Cadeiras de alimentação para crianças
Feeding chairs for children
Ordinance No. 51 of 01/02/2013
17 Cadeiras plásticas monobloco
Monobloc plastic chairs
Ordinance No. 342 of 07/22/2014
18 Caldeiras e vasos de pressão de produção seriada
Boilers and pressure vessels of serial production
Ordinance No. 255 of 05/29/2014
19 Cantoneiras de aço laminadas a quente para montagem de torres de transmissão de energia elétrica
Hot-rolled  angle steel for the assembly of power transmission towers
Ordinance No. 261 of 12/07/2007
20 Capacete de segurança para uso na industria
Safety helmet for use in industry
Ordinance No. 118 of 05/05/2009
21 Capacetes para condutores e passageiros de motocicletas e similares
Helmets for drivers and passengers of motorcycles and the like
Ordinance No. 456 of 12/01/2010
22 Carrinhos para Crianças
Carts for Children
Ordinance No. 351 of 06/07/2012
23 Centrífugas de Roupas
Clothing Centrifuges
Administrative Rule No. 553 of 10/29/2015
24 Chupetas
Ordinance No. 34 of 03/02/2009
25 Cilindros de alta pressão para armazenamento de gás natural veicular como combustível, a bordo de veículos automotores
High-pressure cylinders for the storage of natural gas as fuel on board motor vehicles
Ordinance No. 171 of 08/28/2002
26 Colchões e colchonetes de espuma flexível de poliuretano
Flexible polyurethane foam mattresses and mattresses
Ordinance No. 515 of 13/12/2019
27 Colchões de Mola
Mattress Covers
Ordinance No. 52 of 2/1/2016
28 Colete de segurança de alta visibilidade
High visibility safety vest
Ordinance No. 46 of 01/27/2014
29 Componentes automotivos para motocicletas, motonetas, ciclomotores, triciclos e quadriciclos
Automotive components for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, tricycles and quadricycles
Ordinance No. 123 of 3/19/2014
30 Componentes Automotivos - Anexos I a VII
Automotive Components - Annexes I to VII
Ordinance No. 301 of 07/21/2011
31 Componentes de bicicleta de uso adulto
Bicycle components for adult use
Administrative Rule No. 656 of 12/17/2012
32 Componentes cerâmicos para alvenaria
Ceramic masonry components
Ordinance No. 558 of 11/19/2013
33 Componentes do sistema para gás natural veicular
Components of the system for vehicular natural gas
Ordinance No. 257 of 12/30/2002
Componentes dos Equipamentos de Proteção Individual (EPI) para proteção contra quedas com diferença de nível
Components of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for fall protection with level difference
Ordinance No. 388 of 7/24/2012
35 Componentes dos sistemas de compressão de gás natural veicular e de gás natural comprimido
Components of compressed natural gas and compressed natural gas compression systems
Ordinance No. 008 of 04/01/2011
36 Componentes dos sistemas de descarga e de abastecimento de combustíveis
Components of the systems of discharge and supply of fuels
Ordinance No. 37 of 16/02/2005
37 Concessão em florestas públicas
Concession in public forests
Ordinance No. 235 of 05/08/2012
38 Condicionadores de ar
Air conditioners
Ordinance No. 7 of 04/01/2011
39 Conexões de ferro fundido maleável para a condução de fluidos
Malleable Cast Iron Fittings for Fluid Conduction
Ordinance No. 160 of 09/05/2007
40 Construção, montagem e funcionamento de sistemas automáticos não metrológicos de fiscalização de trânsito
Construction, installation and commissioning of automatic non-metrological traffic supervision systems
Ordinance No. 372 of 07/07/2012
41 Conversores catalíticos destinados à reposição
Catalytic converters for replacement
Ordinance No. 547 of 12/17/2014
42 Embalagens, tanques portáteis e contentores intermediários para granéis - IBC, utilizados no transporte terrestre de produtos perigosos
Packaging, portable tanks and intermediate containers for bulk - IBC, used in land transport of dangerous products
Ordinance No. 141 / Presi, 26/03/2019 Specific annexi
43 Disjuntores
Circuit breakers
Ordinance No. 348 of 09/09/2007
44 Dispositivos elétricos de baixa tensão
Low Voltage Electrical Devices
Ordinance No. 335 of 08/29/2011
45 Dispositivos de retenção para crianças - Perguntas frequentes
Child restraints
Administrative Rule No. 466 of 10/16/2014
46 Eixos veiculares
Vehicle axles
Ordinance  No. 013 of 10/01/2014
47 Equipamentos de certificação digital padrão ICP-Brasil.
Standard digital certification equipment ICP-Brazil.
Ordinance No. 8 of 08/01/2013
48 Equipamentos para consumo de água
Equipment for water consumption
Ordinance No. 344 of 07/22/2014
49 Equipamentos de proteção Individual (EPI) - Luvas Isolantes de Borracha
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Rubber Insulating Gloves
Ordinance No. 229 of 08/17/2009
50 Equipamentos de proteção individual (EPI): Peças semifaciais filtrantes para partículas
Personal protective equipment (PPE): Semi-solid particulate filter
Ordinance No. 561 of 12/23/2014
51 Equipamentos elétricos para atmosferas explosivas, nas condições de gases e vapores inflamáveis e poeiras combustíveis
Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres, under conditions of flammable gases and vapors and combustible dust
Ordinance No. 115 of 03/21/2022
52 Equipamentos para aquecimento solar de água
Equipment for solar water heating
Ordinance No. 352 of 07/06/2012
53 Equipos de Uso Único de Transfusão, de Infusão Gravitacional e de Infusão para Uso com Bomba de Infusão
Single Use Equipment for Transfusion, Gravitational Infusion and Infusion for Use with Infusion Pump
Ordinance No. 502 of 12/29/2011
54 Escadas metálicas domésticas
Metal Stairs
Ordinance No. 616 of 11/12/2012
55 Estabilizadores de tensão monofásicos, com saída de tensão alternada , com tensão nominal de até 250 V em potências de até 3kVA/3KW
Single-phase voltage stabilizers, with alternating voltage output, with rated voltage up to 250 V at power ratings up to 3kVA / 3KW
Ordinance No. 262 of 07/18/2007
56 Extintores de incêndio
Fire extinguishers
Ordinance No. 486 from 08/12/2010
57 Fabricação de veículos acessíveis de características rodoviárias para transporte coletivo de Passageiros
Manufacture of accessible road transport vehicles for the collective transport of passengers
Ordinance No. 152 of 05/28/2009
58 Fabricação de veículos acessíveis de características urbanas para transporte coletivo de passageiros
Manufacture of accessible urban vehicles for public passenger transport
Ordinance No. 153 of 05/28/2009
59 Fios, cabos e cordões flexíveis elétricos
Flexible wires, cables and cords
Administrative Rule No. 640 of 11/30/2012
60 Fornos de micro-ondas
Microwave ovens
Ordinance No. 497 of 12/28/2011
61 Fornos elétricos comerciais
Commercial electric ovens
Ordinance No. 446 of 08/27/12
62 Fusíveis tipo rolha e tipo cartucho
Cartridge and cartridge type fuses
Ordinance No. 129 of 03/21/2016
63 Implantes mamários
Breast Implants
Ordinance No. 162 of 04/05/2012
64 Indicadores de pressão para extintores de incêndio
Pressure indicators for fire extinguishers
Ordinance No. 298 of 07/27/2010
65 Inspeção de Veículos Rodoviários AutomotoresVehicle safety inspection - road vehicles
Ordinance No. 32 of 01/22/2004
66 Inspeção de segurança veicular de veículos rodoviários automotores com sistema de gás natural veicular - RTQ n° 37
Inspection of vehicular safety of road vehicles with natural gas vehicle system - RTQ n ° 37
Ordinance No. 49 of 24/02/2010
67 Inspeção de veículos e equipamentos rodoviários para o transporte de produtos perigosos
Inspection of vehicles and road equipment for the transport of dangerous goods
Ordinance No. 91 of 02/03/2009
68 Inspeção técnica e manutenção de extintores de incêndio
Technical inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers
Ordinance No. 206 of 05/16/2011
69 Isqueiros a Gás
Gas Lighters
Ordinance No. 562, 12/29/2016
70 Lâmpadas LED com dispositivo integrado à base
LED bulbs with integrated base device
Ordinance No. 144 of 03/13/2015
71 Pneus de bicicletas de uso adulto
Bicycle tires for adult use
Ordinance No. 342 de 24/09/2008
72 Lâmpadas vapor de sódio a alta pressão
High pressure sodium vapor lamps
Ordinance No. 483 from 07/12/2010
73 Liquidos para freios hidráulico para veiculos automotores
Hydraulic brake fluids for motor vehicles
Ordinance No. 78 of 03/02/2011
74 Luminárias para Iluminação Pública Viária
Street Lighting Fixtures
Ordinance No. 20 of 02/15/2017
75 Luvas cirúrgicas e de procedimento não cirúrgico de borracha natural, borracha sintética e de misturas de borrachas sintéticas
Surgical and non-surgical surgical gloves made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and mixtures of synthetic rubbers
Ordinance No. 332 of 6/28/2012
76 Mamadeiras e bicos de mamadeira
Bottle and bottle nipples
Ordinance No. 490 of 11/6/2014
77 Mangueiras de PVC Plastificado para Instalações Domésticas de Gás Liquefeito de Petróleo (GLP)
Plastified PVC hoses for domestic installations of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
Administrative Rule No. 659 of 12/17/2012
78 Máquinas de lavar roupa de uso doméstico
Household washing machines
Ordinance No. 185 of 09/15/2005
79 Motores elétricos trifásicos de indução rotor gaiola de esquilo
Three-phase electric induction rotor squirrel cage electric motors
Ordinance No. 488 from 08/12/2010
80 Móveis escolares - cadeiras e mesas para conjunto aluno individual
School furniture - chairs and tables for individual student set
Ordinance No. 105 of 06/03/2012
81 Panelas metálicas
Metal cookware
Ordinance No. 419 of 08/09/12
82 Plataformas elevatórias veiculares
Vehicle lifts
Ordinance No. 642 of 11/30/2012
83 Plataformas Elevatórias Veiculares para Veículos com Características Rodoviárias
Vehicle Lifting Platforms for Road Vehicles
Ordinance No. 164 of 03/23/2015
84 Plugues e tomadas para uso doméstico e análogo
Plugs and sockets for household and similar use
Ordinance No. 85 of 03/04/2006
85 Pneus novos
New tires
Ordinance No. 544 of 10/25/2012
86 Pó para extinção de incêndio
Powder for extinguishing fire
Ordinance No. 433 of 09/04/2015
87 Potência sonora de aparelhos de som e seus similares
Sound power of sound equipment and its like
Ordinance No. 268 of 9/21/2009
88 Potência sonora de produtos eletrodomésticos
Sound power of household appliances
Ordinance No. 430 of 08/16/2012
89 Preservativos masculinos
Male Condoms
Ordinance No. 50 of 28/03/2002
90 Reatores eletromagnéticos para lâmpadas à vapor de sódio e lâmpadas à vapor metálico (Halogenetos)
Electromagnetic reactors for sodium vapor lamps and metal vapor lamps (Halogenetos)
Ordinance No. 454 of 12/01/2010
91 Produtos Têxteis
Textile Product
Ordinance No. 166 of 04/08/2011
92 Reatores para lâmpadas fluorescentes tubulares
Reactors for tubular fluorescent lamps
Ordinance No. 213 of 05/10/2016
93 Recipientes transportáveis para gás liquefeito de petroleo - GLP
Transportable containers for liquefied petroleum gas - LPG
Ordinance No. 418 of 11/05/2010
94Reforma de Pneus
Tire Reform
Administrative Rule No. 554 of 10/29/2015
95Refrigeradores e seus assemelhados, de uso doméstico
Refrigerators and similar household appliances
Ordinance No. 577 of 11/18/2015
96Registrador Eletrônico de Ponto
Electronic Point Recorder
Ordinance No. 480 of 12/15/2011
97Registro do peso bruto total (PBT) e da capacidade máxima de tração (CMT)
Record of total gross weight (PBT) and maximum traction capacity (CMT)
Ordinance No. 51 of 01/19/2011
98Registro de descontaminador de equipamentos para transporte de produtos perigosos
Register of decontaminator of dangerous goods transport equipment
Ordinance No. 255 of 07/03/2007
99Registro de empresa inspetora de contentores intermedário para granéis (IBC) destinados ao transporte terrestre de produtos perigosos
Registration of intermediate bulk container (IBC) inspector company for the inland transport of dangerous goods
Ordinance No. 280 of 08/05/2008
100Registro de fabricante de dispositivo de acoplamento mecânico (Engate)
Mechanical coupling device manufacturer registration (Hitch)
Ordinance No. 215 of 06/22/2007
101Reservatório de água potável
Drinking water tank
Ordinance No. 224 of 07/27/2009
102Rodas automotivas
Automotive Wheels
Ordinance No. 445 of 11/19/2010
103Segurança de bicicletas de uso infantil
Safety of children's bicycles
Ordinance No. 38 of 21/02/2005
104Seringas hipodérmicas estéreis de uso único
Single use sterile hypodermic syringes
Ordinance No. 503 of 12/29/2011
105Serviço de comissionamento em postos de abastecimento de gás natural veicular (GNV)
Commissioning service at natural gas supply stations (NGV)
Ordinance No. 111 of 06/13/2005
106Serviço de ensaio de estanqueidade em instalações subterrâneas.
Sealing test service in underground installations
Administrative Rule No. 259 of July 24, 2008
107Serviço de Inspeção de Conteiner-Tanque Destinado ao Transporte Rodoviário de Produtos Perigosos
Tank Inspection Service for the Transport of Dangerous Goods
Ordinance No. 329 of 06/26/2012
108Serviço de instalação e retirada de sistema de abastecimento subterrâneo de combustíveis - SASC
Installation and removal service of underground fuel supply system - SASC
Ordinance No. 9 of 04/01/2011
109Serviço de instalação em postos de abastecimento de gás natural veicular (GNV)
Installation service at natural gas supply stations (NGV)
Ordinance No. 110 of 06/13/2005
110Serviço de inspeção de recipientes Transportáveis para Gás Liquefeito de Petróleo (GLP) realizado por empresas distribuidoras de GLP
Transportable Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Inspection Service performed by LPG distribution companies
Ordinance No. 681 of 12/21/2012
111Serviço de requalificadoras de recipientes transportáveis de Gás Liquefeito de Petróleo (GLP)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) transportable containers requalification service
Ordinance No. 330 of 06/28/2012
112Sistemas e equipamentos para energia fotovoltaica (Módulo, controlador de carga, Inversor e bateria)
Systems and equipment for photovoltaic energy (Module, load controller, Inverter and battery)
Ordinance No. 4 of 04/01/2011
113Tanque de armazenamento subterrâneo de combustível
Underground Fuel Storage Tank
Ordinance No. 185 de 04/12/2003
114Tanques aéreos de armazenamento de derivados de petróleo e outros combustíveis.
Air storage tanks for petroleum products and other fuels.
Ordinance No. 117 of 05/05/2009
Ordinance No. 563, 12/23/2014
116Telha cerâmica e telha de concreto
Ceramic tile and concrete tile
Ordinance No. 5 of 08/01/2013
117Veículos Porta-Contêiner e Dispositivos de Fixação de Contêiner
Container Carriers and Container Fixing Devices
Ordinance No. 561 of 12/29/2016
118Ventiladores de teto de uso residencial
Ceiling fans for residential use
Ordinance No. 113 of April 7, 2008
119Vidros de Segurança Automotivos
Automotive Safety Glasses
Ordinance No. 41 of 01/25/2018
120Embalagens, tanques portáteis e contentores intermediários para granéis - IBC, utilizados no transporte terrestre de produtos perigosos
Packaging, portable tanks and intermediate containers for bulk - IBC, used in land transport of dangerous products
Ordinance No. 141 / Presi, of 26/03/2019 Annex 2
121Copos plásticos descartáveis
Disposable plastic cups
Ordinance No. 453 of 12/01/2010
122Embalagens individualizadas de alimentos do tipo blister que possuam conteúdo líquido igual ou menor a 20g
Individualized blister-type food packaging with a net content of 20g or less
Ordinance No. 298 of 06/14/2012
123Indicadores de pressão para extintores de incêndio
Pressure indicators for fire extinguishers
Ordinance No. 298 of 07/27/2010

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