ATIC Brazilian LCVM Certificate for Agricultural and Road Machinery


Agricultural and Road Machinery LCVM Certification
CONAMA Resolution 433/2011
Brazilian IBAMA introduced The Pollution Control Program for Motor Vehicles (PROCONVE) in 1986 and the Pollution Control Program for Motorcycles and Similar Vehicles (PROMOT) in 2003, aim to reduce the emission of air pollutants and noise from all type of motor vehicles sold in the national territory.

In 2011, IBAMA issued the CONAMA Resolution 433/2011 to regulate agricultural and road machinery entering Brazilian market. IBAMA will issue LCVM certificate (Licença para Uso da Configuração de Veículo ou Motor - LCVM) to the manufacturer after testing and certification according to this ordinance.
ATIC provides Brazilian LCVM certification services for domestic road motor vehicles, agricultural and road machinery manufacturers, and assists OEMs in completing certification applications, document preparation, and regulatory guidance during the certification process. Training, pre-testing and testing arrangements, as well as contacting IBAMA officials and local authorized laboratories, assist the manufacturer in completing the certification process.

General Steps
Submit Application
ATIC will support manufactures for preparing and submitting applications and technical documentations to IBAMA.
Manufacture prepares testing vehicles and deliver to designated labs in China or Brazil under the guidance of ATIC engineers who will follow up testing and reporting process.
IBAMA will review application documents and testing report if result is satisfied LCVM certificate will be issued.
CoP and I/M programs
In order to ensure the conformity of production Brazilian government will conduct CoP audit or CoP tests. Inspection and Maintenance Program will be conducted for the in used vehicles to ensure both manufacture and users comply with emission ordinances.
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Emissions and Noise
All agricultural and road machinery engines must obtain the LCVM certificate issued by IBAMA before they can enter the Brazilian market.

From January 1, 2015, road machinery (hydraulic excavators, excavators, loaders, tractors, graders, bucket machines, drum rollers, etc.) must obtain the noise LCVM certificate issued by IBAMA before they can enter the Brazilian market.
Ordinances and Standards
No. Itens de teste
Test Items Regulation
1 Emissão de máquinas agrícolas e rodoviárias Agricultural and road machinery emission CONAMA Resolution 433/2011
2 Emissão de veículo motorizado Motor vehicle emission CONAMA Resolution 490/2018 & 492/2018
3 Emissão de motocicleta Motorcycle emission CONAMA Resolution 493/2019
4 Emissão de ruído Noise emission ABNT NBR 15145:2004, ISO 362-1:2015

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