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Motor Vehicle National Type Approval
For homologation of motor vehicles, Indonesia adopts type approval system which is supervised by Ministry of Transportation (MoT) and Ministry of Industry (MoI). According to Law no. 22/2009 on Road Transport and Traffic, all motor vehicles used and operated on public roads shall comply technical and road performance requirements, and manufacturers shall obtain type approval certificate before shipping the vehicle to Indonesian market and being registered. 

ATIC act as an independent technical service are supporting Chinese OEMs and complete Indonesian Whole Vehicle Type Approval projects ever since the year of 2015. We can help manufacturers to complete the application, document preparation, regulation interpretation, training, testing and follow up type approval procedure to obtain the certificate.

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General Steps
ATIC experts support manufactures/importers prepare technical documents and vehicle specifications then register to Ministry of Industry
Submit Application
ATIC experts support manufactures/importers submit application to Ministry of Transportation, after MoT review the application a testing notice will be issued to designated testing lab
ATIC engineers prepare testing plan, manufacture send testing vehicles to designated testing lab located in Indonesia and ATIC experts will follow up the testing 
After all testing finished with positive result then testing report will be issued and forward to MoT for review and approval, type approval certificate will be issued accordingly
Other Points
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Technical Requirements

There are technical and road worthiness requirements for whole 
vehicle national type approval, details are specified in specific decrees and laws
Technical Requirements
Structures, equipment, dimension, body making, technical designed that complied with vehicle purpose, loading, vehicle purpose, trailering vehicles and/or semi trailering vehicle

Road Worthiness Requirements
Exhaust gas emission, noise, efficiency of main braking system, efficiency of parking braking system, side slip, sound of horn, light emission and direction of head lamp, turning radius, speedometer, the compliance of wheel performance and condition of tire; and the compliance of engine power ratio
Decrees and Laws

No. Product (Indonesian)
Product (English)
1 Kendaraan Bermotor Utuh
WVTA Law No. 22/2009 on Road Transport and Traffic
2 Kendaraan Bermotor Utuh WVTA Government Regulation No. 55/2012 on Vehicle
3 Kendaraan Bermotor Utuh WVTA PM 33/2018 (Vehicle Type Approval)
4 Kendaraan Bermotor Utuh PTI Ministerial Decree No. 71/1993 on Periodical Motor Vehicle Inspection
5 Kendaraan Bermotor Utuh WVTA Ministerial Decree No.63/1993 on Limit Value for Vehicle Road Worthiness

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