RELEASE DATE:2020-01-19 18:20
Brief: ISO-Certification implemented by AMECA is a voluntary certification process that will make products more accepted by North American buyers and users. The North American Parts Compliance Program (ECP) promoted by AMECA (The Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency, Inc.) is a centralized, voluntary, one-stop process. It is a procedure for informing the government, industry and the general public that motor vehicle safety components have been tested in AMECA authorized laboratories and that they meet relevant standards. Products with an AMECA certificate will be more easily procured by North American buyers and users.

AMECA provides product testing related services by authorizing third-party laboratories. Only test reports issued by AEMCA-authorized laboratories will be approved by AMECA. ATIC on behalf of the manufacturer to apply to AMECA, and is responsible for follow-up delivery of the product to the AEMCA designated laboratory for testing. The experimental data will be submitted to AMECA. If the test data meets the relevant test standards, AMECA will issue a Notice of Equipment Compliance, which is an AMECA certificate that certifies that the product meets regulatory requirements.

AMECA offers two different levels of equipment registration for customers, the traditional List of Compliant Safety Devices and the new ISO-Certification program. Both programs require testing and registration.
AMECA is offering ISO-certification for: Exterior Automotive Lighting, Automotive Safety Glass, Automotive Suspension and Wheels, Vehicle Brake Hose. The program has market audits, verifies design, manufacturing, quality system, and personnel. The ISO-Certification program is not limited by state regulated items. It uses FMVSS, SAE or industry standards. ISO-Certification Program companies have exclusive use of the AMECA Certified logo and Get an EdgeTM Trademark. 

Sampling and testing
Manufacturer Audit
File submission and review
Issuing and registration

ATIC is a young technical service company from China, established in 2015. ATIC is committed to integrate domestic and international regulations, testing and certification resources with a global perspective in the context of globalization, and establish a new, specialized regulation research, testing and certification platform. With innovative Digital Reporting System (DRS), Customer Service Platform (CSP) and self-developed Global Vehicle Regulation Database (GVRD), ATIC’s compliance service covers more than 54 countries/regions globally, testing and certification service covers more than 30 countries/regions worldwide. ATIC serve more than 3,300 manufactures each year.


Kerwin Luo
Component Homologation Department
ATIC Project Manager for South America Business, Auditor for Brazil INMETRO, Kerwin graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree, he served as R&D engineer in a well-known OEM. He now is responsible for the regulation and homologation procedure research & homologation business of automotive and consumer goods for South American markets
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