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Consumer Product Safety KC Certification
Korean product safety KC certification is the compulsory product safety control system in Korea. It is supervised by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea which formulates related laws, enforcement decrees and rules on product safety. According to the Korean Electrical Appliances and Consumer Goods Safety Management Act, and the Korean Special Children's Products Safety Management Act, there are 3 categories of the certificated products including 442 electrical appliance, 66 household products and 36 children's products at present. For these nearly 600 kinds of products, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has stipulated different certification procedures according to their safety levels, includes: safety certification, safety inspection and supplier’s declaration of conformity. Related products shall be certified and KC marked before entering the South Korea market.

ATIC work closely with designated South Korean testing institutions and certification bodies to provide one-stop Korean certification services for global manufacturers.

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Products and Standards
No. 생성물 Product Regulation
1 전선 및 전원코드
전기기기용 스위치
전원용 커패시터 및 전원필터
전기설비용 부속품 및 연결부품
전기용품보호용 부품
오디오·비디오 응용기기
정보 · 통신 · 사무 기기
전기저장장치 구성품
Wire and cable
Switch for electric equipment
Capacitors and power filters
Accessories and connecting parts for electrical equipment
Components for protection of electrical appliances
Insulation transformer
Electric equipment
Power tools
Audio/ Video applications
Information, communication, office equipment
Lighting equipment
Electrical storage components
KC 60227-1, KC 60227-2, KC 60227-3, KC 60245-1, KC 60245-2, KC 60245-3, KC 60227-4, KC 60227-6, KC 60227-7, KC 60245-4, KC 60245-5, KC 60245-6, KC 60245-7, KC 60502-1, KC 10028, KC 60702-2, KC 60227-5, KC 60245-8, KC 60799, KC 61058-1, KC 60669-1, KC 61058-2-1, KC 60669-2-1, KC 60669-2-2, KC 60669-2-3, K 60947-1, KC 60947-5-1, KC 60947-2, KC 60947-4-1, KC 60884-2-5, KC 60884-2-6, K 10026, KC 61242, KC 60127-1, KC 60127-2, KC 60127-3, KC 60127-4, KC 60127-6, KC 60691, KC 60394, KC 60335-2-64, KC 60335-2-15, KC 60335-2-17, KC 60335-2-81, KC 60335-2-21, KC 60335-2-35, KC 60335-2-24, KC 60335-2-25, KC 60335-2-29, KC 60335-2-11, KC 60335-2-43, KC 60335-2-30, KC 60335-2-61, KC 60335-2-102, KC 60335-2-32, KC 60335-2-40, KC 60335-2-41, KC 60335-2-45, KC 60335-2-59, KC 60335-2-60, K 10002, KC60335-1, K 10003, KC 60335-2-80, KC 60335-2-31, KC 60335-2-84, KC 60335-2-98, KC 60745-1, KC 60745-2-1, KC 60745-2-2, KC 60745-2-3, KC 62619
2 자동차용 재생타이어(트레이 고무를 포함한다)
가정용 압력냄비 및 압력솥
등산용 로프
스포츠용 구명복
건전지(충전지는 제외한다)
자동차용 브레이크액
자동차용 타이어
승차용안전모(승차용 눈보호구를 포함한다)
자동차용 휴대용 잭

Retreaded tires(tyres)
Household pressure pots and autoclaves
Primary batteries
Non-petroleum base motor vehicle brake fluids
Automobile tyres
Bicycle for general type
Stationary training equipment
Portable laser devices
Protective helmets for vehicles, etc.
NTS Notice No. 2017-17 (2017.1.31)-Annex2
NTS Notice No. 2009-0977 (2009.12.30)-Annex3
NTS Notice No. 2017-032 (2017.2.8)-Annex5
NTS Notice No. 2017-032 (2017.2.8)-Annex10
NTS Notice No. 2017-032 (2017.2.8)-Annex13
NTS Notice No. 2018-069 (2018.3.19)-Annex40
NTS Notice No. 2017-032 (2017.2.8)-Annex45
NTS Notice No. 2017-032 (2017.2.8)-Annex46
NTS Notice No. 2017-032 (2017.2.8)-Annex52
3 자동차용 어린이 보호장치
어린이용 비비탄총
유아용 섬유제품
합성수지제 어린이용품
어린이용 스포츠보호용품(보호장구 및 안전모)
어린이용 스케이트보드
아동용 이단침대
유아용 삼륜차
유아용 의자
어린이용 자전거

Child restraint systems
Bb guns for children
Textile products for infant
Care articles for children
Sports protection equipment for children (protector for roller sports users and impact protection helmets)
Skate board for children
Children's two-stage beds
Children's tricycles
Children‘s chair
Bicycles for young children, etc.
MOTIE Notice No. 2015-0107 (2015.6.4.)-Annex 3
MOTIE Notice No. 2015-0107 (2015.6.4)-Annex 4
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 1
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 2
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 3
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 4
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 5
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 6
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 7
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 8
MOTIE Notice No. 2017-16 (2017.1.31)-Annex 9

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