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Motor Vehicle Type Approval
 Since the 1980s, Korea has gradually established and improved its own automotive product certification system with reference to the international typical automotive product management system. Korean automotive product certification includes mandatory certification (environmental certification, energy certification) and self-certification (KMVSS safety certification).

Compulsory acts and regulations stipulate that any motor vehicle entering the South Korean market must be certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), Ministry of Environmental (MoE) and the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) through certification scheme of safety, environmental protection and fuel consumption. For electric vehicles, the subsidy test, which is regulated MoE, is required. MoE subsidizes the models that have passed the test. The amount of subsidies varies according to the policies.

In South Korea, Motor Vehicle Management Act is to manage motor vehicles efficiently and secure the performance and safety of motor vehicles by prescribing the matters concerning the registration, safety standards, self-authentication, correction of manufacturing defects, inspection, maintenance, testing of motor vehicles, and motor vehicle management business, etc., and thereby contributing to promoting public welfare.

A person who intends to manufacture, assemble or import a motor vehicle (including the incomplete motor vehicle and the motor vehicle manufactured by phase) shall self-authenticate that the model of the relevant motor vehicle meets the safety standards (Korea Motor Vehicle Safety Standard - KMVSS) for motor vehicles (in cases of an incomplete motor vehicle or a motor vehicle manufactured by phase, referring to the safety standards for motor vehicles to be applied as at the time when a manufacture, etc. concerned is finished), as determined by Ordinance of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

For certain automotive parts entering the aftermarket, KC (Korea Certification) scheme is applied which was regulated by the MoI. From 2018, MOLIT has taken over the regulating and supervising responsibilities of KC certification for automotive components.

The Korea Auto Parts Association (KAPA) adopts the relevant regulations and policies of the Korean government to formulate the voluntary quality standards for auto parts, and establishes a voluntary certification system for auto parts, aiming to provide manufacturers with more competitive quality standards for auto parts as well as to protect the domestic consumer rights in South Korea.

ATIC has successfully provided certification and consulting services for Chinese OEMs ever since the year of 2016. ATIC conducts in-depth regulation research, set up regular technical meeting with Korea Automotive Testing and Research Institute (KATRI), Korea Transportation Pollutant Research Center (TPRC) and Korea Automotive Parts Association (KAPA). ATIC is capable of providing technical service from KMVSS self-certification, environmental certification, fuel consumption testing, subsidy testing, KC certification throughout the whole automotive homologation process.

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General Steps
KMVSS Self-Certification
ATIC will support importer and manufacture preparing registration documents, submit registration to MOLIT. ATIC engineers prepare a testing plan and support manufacture conduct KMVSS in-house testing or witness testing in 3rd party laboratory
Environmental Protection
ATIC will support importer and manufacture preparing registration document, review and submit application to MoE. Prepare testing plan and follow up testing in designated lab. After testing pass report and certificate will be issued
Fuel Consumption
ATIC will support importer and manufacture preparing application documents and submit application to the authority. Prepare testing plan and follow up testing in designated laboratory. After testing pass and report issued importer then manufacture can stamp the label on the vehicle
Defects and Recall
Where any motor vehicles or parts have such defects as failing to meet the safety standards, the manufacturer shall, from the date of acknowledging the facts, disclose such defect by mail, text message without delay so that the owners can be clearly aware and shall take corrective measures, details about penalties and recall policies please contact ATIC experts
Other Key Points
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Technical Requirements

1KMVSS Article 1Purpose
2KMVSS Article 2Definition
3KMVSS Article 3Safety of Structure and System
4KMVSS Article 3-2Scope of Equipment Necessary for Safe Operation of Automobiles
5KMVSS Article 4Length, Width and Height
6KMVSS Article 5Minimum Ground Clearance
7KMVSS Article 6Gross Vehicle Weight
8KMVSS Article 7Weight Distribution
9KMVSS Article 8Maximum Safety Slope Angle
10KMVSS Article 9Minimum Turning Radius
11KMVSS Article 10Ground Interface and Pressure To Ground
12KMVSS Article 11Engine and Power Train
13KMVSS Article 12Running Gear
14KMVSS Article 12-2Tire Pressure Monitoring Device
15KMVSS Article 13Controls, Tell_Tales and Indicators
16KMVSS Article 14Steering Control System
17KMVSS Article 14-2Lane Departure Warning System
18KMVSS Article 15Brake System
19KMVSS Article 15-2Automobile Stability Control System
20KMVSS Article 15-3Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS)
21KMVSS Article 16Suspension System
22KMVSS Article 17Fuel System
23KMVSS Article 18Electrical System
24KMVSS Article 18-2High Voltage Electric Device of Vehicle
25KMVSS Article 18-3Traction battery of vehicle
26KMVSS Article 18-4Electrical Equipment for Camping Vehicles and Camping Trailers
27KMVSS Article 19Chassis and Body
28KMVSS Article 20Towing Device and Connecting Device
29KMVSS Article 21Hood Latch System
30KMVSS Article 22Anti_Theft Device
31KMVSS Article 23Riding Accommodations
32KMVSS Article 24Driver'S Seat
33KMVSS Article 25Passenger Seats
34KMVSS Article 25-2Folding Seats
35KMVSS Article 26Head Restraints
36KMVSS Article 27Seat Belt Device
37KMVSS Article 27-2Child Seat Anchorage System
38KMVSS Article 28Room for Standing Passengers
39KMVSS Article 29Entrance
40KMVSS Article 30Emergency Exit
41KMVSS Article 31Aisle
42KMVSS Article 32Cargo Compartment
43KMVSS Article 33Gas Transport Equipment
44KMVSS Article 34Safety Glasses
45KMVSS Article 35Noise Prevention Device
46KMVSS Article 36Exhaust Emission System
47KMVSS Article 37Exhaust Pipe
48KMVSS Article 38Headlamp
49KMVSS Article 38-2Fog Lamps
50KMVSS Article 38-3Exterior Courtesy Lamps
51KMVSS Article 38-4Daytime Running Lamps
52KMVSS Article 38-5Cornering Lamps
53KMVSS Article 39Reversing Lamps
54KMVSS Article 39-2Side Auxiliary Lamps
55KMVSS Article 40Front Position Lamps
56KMVSS Article 40-2End_Outline Marker Lamps
57KMVSS Article 40-3Parking Lamps
58KMVSS Article 41Registration Plate Lamps
59KMVSS Article 42Rear Position Lamps
60KMVSS Article 43Brake Lamps
61KMVSS Article 44Direction Indicators
62KMVSS Article 44-2Side Marker Lamps
63KMVSS Article 45Emergency Flashing Lamps
64KMVSS Article 45-2Rear_End Collision Alert Signal (Recas)
65KMVSS Article 46Fixture for Military Purpose
66KMVSS Article 47Other Restrictions for Lamps
67KMVSS Article 48Other Standards for Lamps
68KMVSS Article 49Retro_Reflector
69KMVSS Article 50Rearview Mirror
70KMVSS Article 51Wiping System Etc.
71KMVSS Article 53Horns
72KMVSS Article 53-2Rear Pedestrian Safety Device
73KMVSS Article 53-3Low_Noise Automobile Beep Tone Generating Device
74KMVSS Article 53-4Child'S Departure Confirmation Device
75KMVSS Article 54Speedometer and Odometer
76KMVSS Article 56Tachograph
77KMVSS Article 56-2Event Data Recorder
78KMVSS Article 57Fire Extinguisher
79KMVSS Article 58Warning Light and Siren
80KMVSS Article 59Length, Width, Height
81KMVSS Article 60Gross Vehicle Weight
82KMVSS Article 61Weight Distribution
83KMVSS Article 62Grounding Portion and Grounding Pressure
84KMVSS Article 63Prime Motor and Power Transmission System
85KMVSS Article 63-2Output of Prime Mover
86KMVSS Article 64Driving Devices
87KMVSS Article 65Maneuvering Device
88KMVSS Article 66Steering Device
89KMVSS Article 67Braking System
90KMVSS Article 68Shock Absorber
91KMVSS Article 69Fuel Device and Electric Device
92KMVSS Article 69-2Electromagnetic Compatibility
93KMVSS Article 69-3High Voltage Electric Device of two-wheeled vehicle
94KMVSS Article 69-4Traction battery of two-wheeled vehicle
95KMVSS Article 70Bodywork
96KMVSS Article 71Riding Device, Goods Storage Device
97KMVSS Article 72Windshield System
98KMVSS Article 73Noise Prevension Device
99KMVSS Article 74Exhaust Pipe
100KMVSS Article 75Headl Lamps
101KMVSS Article 75-2Daytime Running Lamps
102KMVSS Article 75-3Fog Lamps
103KMVSS Article 76Registration Plate Lamp
104KMVSS Article 77Tail Lamps
105KMVSS Article 77-2Spacing
106KMVSS Article 78Brake Light
107KMVSS Article 79Direction Indicator
108KMVSS Article 79-2Emergency Flashing Lights
109KMVSS Article 80Rear Reflector and Auxiliary Reflector
110KMVSS Article 80-2Reversing Lamps
111KMVSS Article 81Other Lamps
112KMVSS Article 82Other Standards for Lamps
113KMVSS Article 83Horn
114KMVSS Article 84Indirect View Device
115KMVSS Article 85Speedometer
116KMVSS Article 85-2Scope of Application
117KMVSS Article 87Accelerator Control System
118KMVSS Article 88Instrument Panel
119KMVSS Article 88-2Tire
120KMVSS Article 88-3Tire Pressure Monitoring System
121KMVSS Article 89Steering Control System
122KMVSS Article 89-2Lane Departure Warning System
123KMVSS Article 90 (Item 1)Braking System_Passenger Car Braking Performance
124KMVSS Article 90 (Item 2)Braking System_Commercial Vehicle Braking Performance
125KMVSS Article 90 (Item 3)Braking System_Trailer Braking Performance
126KMVSS Article 90 (Item 4)Braking System_Commercial Vehicle Abs
127KMVSS Article 90 (Item 5)Braking System_Trailer Abs
128KMVSS Article 90 (Item 6)Braking System_Pneumatic System Trailer Tractor
129KMVSS Article 90-2Automobile Stability Control System
130KMVSS Article 90-3Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS)
131KMVSS Article 91Safety of flammable liquid fuel system in the event of a collision
132KMVSS Article 91-2Safety of gas fuel system in case of collision
133KMVSS Article 91-3High power electrical system safety in the event of a collision
134KMVSS Article 91-4Fuel system safety in case of rollover
135KMVSS Article 92Roof Structure
136KMVSS Article 93Bumper
137KMVSS Article 94Driver’S Vision
138KMVSS Article 95Flammability of Interior Materials
139KMVSS Article 96Rear Underrun Protection Bar
140KMVSS Article 97Installation of Driver and Passenger Seats
141KMVSS Article 98Seat Back
142KMVSS Article 99Head Restraint
143KMVSS Article 100Arm Rest
144KMVSS Article 101Sun Shade
145KMVSS Article 102Occupant Crash Protection
146KMVSS Article 102-2Pedestrian Protection
147KMVSS Article 102-3Frontal Full_Width Impact
148KMVSS Article 102-4Pole Side Impact (PSI)
149KMVSS Article 103Seat Belt Assembly
150KMVSS Article 103-2Child Seat Anchorage System
151KMVSS Article 104Side Door and Strength of Door Hinge and Hatch
152KMVSS Article 105Windshild
153KMVSS Article 106Output of Enginen Power
154KMVSS Article 107Electromagnetic Compatibility
155KMVSS Article 108Interior Compartment Door
156KMVSS Article 108-2Fuel Economy
157KMVSS Article 109Windshield Wiping
158KMVSS Article 110Speedometer
159KMVSS Article 110-2Maximum Speed Limiting Device
160KMVSS Article 111Types of Autonomous Driving Systems
161KMVSS Article 111-2Designation of The Serviceable Area of The Autonomous Driving System
162KMVSS Article 111-3Part Safety Standards for Autonomous Driving Systems
163KMVSS Article 112Performance Test Standards of Parts Or Devices
164KMVSS Article 112-2Brake Hose
165KMVSS Article 112-3Seat Belt Assembly
166KMVSS Article 112-4Lighting System
167KMVSS Article 112-5Rear Retro_Reflector
168KMVSS Article 112-6Rear Underrun Protection Bar
169KMVSS Article 112-7Window Glass
170KMVSS Article 112-8Safety Tripod
171KMVSS Article 112-9Rear Reflectors
172KMVSS Article 112-10Brake Lining
173KMVSS Article 112-11Wheel
174KMVSS Article 112-12Reflective Band
175KMVSS Article 112-13Low Speed Vehicle Rear Panel
176KMVSS Article 113Designated Seating Capacity and Maximum Loading Capacity
177KMVSS Article 114Exception of Application of Standard
178KMVSS Article 114-2Special Cases Concerning Equipment Standards
179KMVSS Article 115Tolerance of The Specification
180KMVSS Article 116Notification of Test Methods, Etc

Regulation (Korean)
Regulation (English)
Atmospheric Environment Conservation Act
대기환경보전법 시행령
Enforcement Decree of Atmospheric Environment Conservation Act
대기환경보전법 시행규칙
Enforcement Rules of Atmospheric Environment Conservation Act
Noise and Vibration Management Act
소음ㆍ진동관리법 시행령
Enforcement Decree of the Noise and Vibration Management Act
소음ㆍ진동관리법 시행규칙
Enforcement Rules of Noise and Vibration Management Act
에너지이용 합리화법
Energy Use Rationalization Act
에너지이용 합리화법 시행령
Enforcement Decree of the Energy Use Rationalization Act
에너지이용 합리화법 시행규칙
Enforcement Rules of Energy Use Rationalization Act

Items (Korean)
Items (English)
브레이크 호스
Brake Hose
KMVSS Article 112-2
KMVSS Article 112-3
KMVSS Article 112-4
Rear Reflector
KMVSS Article 112-5
Rear Safety Plate
KMVSS Article 112-6
Safety Glazing
KMVSS Article 112-7
Advanced Warning Triangles
KMVSS Article 112-8
후부반사판 및 후부반사지
Rear Reflecting Plate / Sheet
KMVSS Article 112-9
Brake Lining
KMVSS Article 112-10

KMVSS Article 112-11
Reflect Strips
KMVSS Article 112-12
저속차량용 후부표시판 Low Speed Vehicles Rear Panel
KMVSS Article 112-13

Items (Korean)
Items (English)
구성품 : 범퍼 커버, 펜더, 후드, 도어 스킨, 데크 뚜껑, 그릴, 내부 펜더 라이너, 몰딩, 사이드 미러
Components: Bumper Cover, Fender, Hood, Door Skin, Deck Lid, Grilles, Inner Fender Liner, Moulding, Side Mirror
램프 : 테일 램프, 정지 램프, 높은 위치 정지 램프, 회전 신호 램프, 위치 램프, 백업 램프, 주간 주행 램프
Lamps: Tail Lamp, Stop Lamp, High Position Stop Lamp, Turn Signal Lamp, Position Lamp, Back Up Lamp, Daytime Running Lamp
물 냉각
Water Cooling
컨트롤 암
Control Arm
엔진 전기
Engine Electrical
브레이크 디스크
Brake Disc
파워 스티어링
Power Steering
안전 벨트
Safety Belt
바람막이 유리

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