LED Light Source INMETRO Certification


LED Light Source INMETRO Certification
On February 16, 2022, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology - INMETRO granted Ordinance no. 69, which approve the Conformity Assessment Requirements for LED Lamps intended to enter Brazilian market. Resolved that  the LED Lamps with device incorporated to the base will be manufactured and imported solely in conformity with the requirements herein approved and duly registered with INMETRO, LED Lamps with device incorporated to the base shall be traded in the Brazilian market by manufacturers and importers solely in conformity with the requirements herein approved and duly registered with INMETRO, twenty-four (24) months from the date of publication of this Ordinance, LED Lamps with device incorporated to the base shall be traded by wholesalers and retailers in the Brazilian market solely in conformity with the requirements herein approved and duly registered with INMETRO. The certificates granted under the old INMETRO Ordinance on March 13, 2015 No. 144 should be subject to the transitional rules in this Ordinance, and the validity of the certificate should be adjusted based on the date of grant as a reference. From the date of certificate issue, the validity of the certificate is 4 years.

INMETRO is a government department directly under the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil. With the enactment of new ordinances and implementation laws, more and more products are included into INMETRO mandatory certification scheme.

ATIC has been authorized by major Brazilian local certification bodies (OCPs) to perform INMETRO certification activities such as factory audits, sampling, and product testing in China and Asia area. We serve more than 400 Chinese or Asian manufactures for INMETRO certification each year.

General Steps
Factory Audit and Sampling
After the certification started by Brazilian importer or ATIC legal representative, ATIC auditor will make an audit and sampling plan and make an appointment with manufacture for the onsite audit. After the appointment conformed ATIC auditors will perform the onsite factory audit and sampling. Generally the audit will take 1 day, the samples will be sealed and sent to designated testing labs.
Sample Testing
Generally testing samples shall be sent to the designated 3rd party labs, yet in some circumstance manufactures testing facility can be used. In this case, the lab assessment shall be done by ATIC auditor and all the testing shall be witnessed by ATIC auditors. Testing reports shall be submitted to ATIC auditors and OCP inspectors for review.
Legal Representative Audit
Importer or Legal Representative in Brazil will also be audited by OCP auditors, generally this audit will be focused on customer compliant procedure, warehouse management procedure etc. Such audit normally takes 1 day.
Approval and Maintenance
All reports and technical documentation shall be reviewed by ATIC and Brazilian OCP. INMETRO certificate will be issued and submitted to INMETRO by Legal Representative for registration. Registration number will be issued and shall be labeled on both product and package. Generally, maintenance shall be done each 12 months.
Other Key Points
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Part of INMETRO Certification Products and Ordinances
Items (Portuguese)
Items (English)
Adaptação de Dispositivo de Fixação de Contêiner
Container Fixing Device Adaptation
Ordinance n. 368 of 08/09/2021
Adaptação de Eixo Veicular Auxiliar
Auxiliary Vehicle Axle Adaptation
Ordinance n. 495 of 12/12/2021
Adaptadores de Plugues e Tomadas
Plug and Socket Adapters
Ordinance n. 9 of 17/01/2022
Agente Redutor Líquido de NOx Automotivo – ARLA 32
Automotive NOx Liquid Reducing Agent - ARLA 32
Ordinance n. 213 of 06/05/2021
Agulhas Hipodérmicas Estéreis para Uso Único e Agulhas Gengivais Estéreis para Uso Único
Single Use Sterile Hypodermic Needles and Single Use Sterile Gingival Needles
Ordinance n. 84 of 10/02/2021
Andadores Infantis
baby walkers
Ordinance n. 129 of 19/03/2021
Aparelhos Eletrodomésticos e Similares
Household Appliances and Similar
Ordinance n. 148 of 28/03/2022
Aplicação, Reparo e Reforma de Revestimento Interno de Tanque de Carga Rodoviário destinado ao Transporte de Produtos Perigosos
Application, Repair and Refurbishment of the Internal Coating of a Road Cargo Tank for the Transport of Dangerous Goods
Ordinance n. 432 of 15/10/2021
Aquecedores de Água a Gás
Gas Water Heaters
Ordinance n. 89 of 22/03/2022
Artigos Escolares
School Supplies
Ordinance n. 423 of 08/10/2021
Artigos para Festas
Party Supplies
Ordinance n. 277 of 05/07/2021
Barras e Fios de Aço destinados a Armaduras para Estruturas de Concreto Armado
Steel Bars and Wires for Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Structures
Ordinance n. 139 of 19/03/2021
Berços Infantis
cribs for children
Ordinance n. 143 of 22/03/2021
Bicicletas de uso Infantil
Bicycles for Children
Ordinance n. 424 of 13/10/2021
Bijuterias e Joias
Jewelry and Jewelry
Ordinance n. 123 of 16/03/2021
Blocos de Concreto para Alvenaria
Concrete Blocks for Masonry
Ordinance n. 272 of 23/06/2021
Bombas Centrífugas
Centrifugal pumps
Ordinance n. 319 of 23/07/2021
Ordinance n. 302 of 12/07/2021
Cabos de Aço de Uso Geral
General Purpose Steel Cables
Ordinance n. 367 of 08/09/2021
Cadeiras de Alimentação para Crianças
Feeding Chairs for Children
Ordinance n. 168 of 13/04/2021
Cadeiras Plásticas Monobloco
Monobloc Plastic Chairs
Ordinance n. 166 of 14/04/2021
Caldeiras e Vasos de Pressão de Produção Seriada
Serial Production Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Ordinance n. 120 of 12/03/2021
Cantoneiras de Aço Laminadas a Quente para Montagem de Torres de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica
Hot Rolled Steel Angles for Assembly of Electric Power Transmission Towers
Ordinance n. 261 of 12/07/2007
Capacetes para Condutores e Passageiros de Motocicletas e Similares
Helmets for Drivers and Passengers of Motorcycles and Similar
Ordinance n. 231 of 18/05/2021
Carrinhos para Crianças
Strollers for Children
Ordinance n. 167 of 13/04/2021
Centrífugas de Roupas
Clothes Centrifuges
Ordinance n. 144 of 22/03/2021
Ordinance n. 301 of 12/07/2021
Cilindros para Armazenamento de Gás Natural Veicular (GNV)
Cylinders for Vehicular Natural Gas Storage (CNG)
Ordinance n. 436 of 19/10/2021
Colchões de Molas
spring mattresses
Ordinance n. 75 of 04/02/2021
Colchões e Colchonetes de Espuma Flexível de Poliuretano
Flexible Polyurethane Foam Mattresses and Mattresses
Ordinance n. 35 of 05/02/2021

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