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Automotive Type Approval
The Ministry of Transport of Israel is responsible for planning, development and regulation of infrastructure and integrated transport systems, with particular emphasis on safety and promoting mobility and logistics services, which will contribute to social and economic growth in Israel. 

The Israeli automotive regulations take reference to EU/UNECE regulations, FMVSS regulations and CMVSS regulations. Also additional testing may required to demonstrate that the motor vehicle  complies with Israeli national regulations. After completing the above tests, the designated technical service shall submit application to the Ministry of Transport who may grant type approval certificates.

ATIC experts are working under designated technical services in Europe to conduct Initial Assessment, Witness Testing and CoP assessment as authorized inspectors, technical reports and approvals are accepted by Ministry of Transport of Israel.
General Steps
Prepare Documents
ATIC support importer or manufacturer to prepare technical documents, evaluate vehicle specification and prepare a testing plan.
Manufacture prepare testing vehicles and send to designated 3rd party lab, ATIC experts will witness the testing, draft reports and send to authority for approvals.
ATIC help importer to submit registration along with technical documents, testing reports and type approval certificates, importer and manufacture's information to Israeli authority.
After authority review the application the final certificate will be issued, manufacture and importer can import vehicles and enter Israeli market.
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No. Name (Hebrew) Name (English) Regulation
1 M, N, O רכב, קטגוריות M, N, O Category Vehicle(s)
  1. 20679316: IMR - Safety and Environmental Protection Regulations for Motor Vehicles Manufactured According to European Union Directives for the Calendar Year 2017
  2. 08419516: Additional Mandatory Requirements for Buses in Categories M2, M3
  3. 12502216: IMR - Safety and Environmental Protection Regulations for Motor Vehicles Manufactured Under Federal Regulations and Standards for the Calendar Year 2017
  4. 21068616: IMR - Safety and Environmental Protection Regulations for Motor Vehicles categories M1, N1 Manufactured according to Canadian regulations for the Calendar Year 2017

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