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Insulating Glass - IGCC
The North American Insulating Glass Certification Board (IGCC) was established in 1977 to meet the expectations of insulating glass manufacturers, consumers and other interested parties to purchase insulated glass products for commercial and residential use nationwide. The ever-increasing demand for quality and performance.

Manufacturers, consumers and other stakeholders are aware of the need for an effective product testing and performance certification process that can represent both the interests of the business community and the public interest, and is regulated by a highly professional, efficient, and independent third party.

The certification committee participants were convinced that the certification process ensured the high quality of the product and developed an IGCC certification program guide to implement the existing ASTM specification for hermetic insulating glass. The IGCC certification process is based on independent and impartial, regular laboratory testing and factory audits without notice to ensure consistent quality and performance.

General Steps
Submit Application
ATIC will support manufacture to prepare application documents, explain procedures and testing requirements, submit application.
Sampling and Testing
IGCC/IGMA representative will witness fabrication of initial prototype insulating glass test units. ATIC will support manufacture to coordinate the visit plan. Manufacture will send the test units to designated labs and ATIC will follow up testing and reporting.
Review and Approval
After testing pass and submitted, IGCC will review application documents, test reports and issue the certificate.
Annual Testing
After initial certification (Prototype) testing, ASTM E2190 testing shall occur annually for the first 2 years of certification. If no failures occur, then testing may occur once every 2 years, at the discretion of the participant.
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Other Key Points
Double Pane
  • 13 units minimum, 14 x 20 inches – If testing IC, 3 units shall include IC 
  • 4mm (5/32-in.) glass with 12mm (1/2-in.) airspace or 5mm (3/16-in.) glass with 6mm (1/4-in.) airspace

    Triple Pane
  • 15 units minimum, 14 X 20 inches; If testing IC, 5 units shall include IC
  • 4mm (5/32-in.) glass and 6mm (1/4-in.) airspace
  • When testing IC, coated glass, and gas test, the 10 non-IC units shall have the coated glass on the interior lite (3 or 4 surface), and the 5 IC units shall have coated glass on at least one outboard lite

  • Glass or airspace thickness(es), or both, may increase from these standard size constructions but this may result in a more rigorous test
  • Glass thickness tolerance shall be per ASTM C1036; airspace tolerance shall be ± 0.8mm (1/32-in.)
  • When testing for gas content, all fabricated units must be fabricated with gas

  • Company Identification
  • Plant Identification (only if multiple locations) 
  • IGCC®/IGMA® certification mark
  • Date code (Year of manufacture ± 3 months)
(These are minimum label requirements, additional information such as standards reference may be added, consult IGCC/IGMA CPD for complete information)

ABC Glass plant 123 IGCC®/IGMA® 2010
In order to expedite test sample fabrication for an upcoming IGCC/IGMA fabrication and audit, please note the following.

Prior to IGCC/IGMA auditor arrival:
  • Review past inspection forms, contact ATIC or IGCC/IGMA if you have any questions;
  • You may cut glass, prepare spacer and muntins (IC) prior to the auditors arrival;
  • Have glass cut for min. 13 IG units (26 pcs. for dual pane) 14x20”. Up to max of 17 IG units (34 pcs for dual pane) 14x20” may be produced for auditor sample labeling. For triple pane min. 15 IG units (45 pcs ) 14x20”. Up to max.19 IG units (57 pcs) 14x20”;
  • If certification with coated (low-e) glass is desired, test units shall include one lite of coated glass per test sample. Note coated glass requirements. When testing IC, coated glass, and gas test, the 10 non-IC units shall have the coated glass on the interior lite (3 or 4 surface), and the 5 IC units shall have coated glass on at least one outboard lite;
  • Spacers cut or bent, ready for desiccant filling, if necessary;
  • Muntins should be prepared, at least 3 of 13 units for doubles, 5 of 15 units for triples to have muntins for certification (muntins in 3 X 3 configuration), ready for desiccant-filling, if necessary;

During IGCC/IGMA audit and fabrication:
1. HAVE QUALITY MANUAL AND RECORDS AVAILABLE - Auditor will verify that quality assurance requirements are met and review quality records. Have Quality Manual available and ensure records are up-to-date.
2. PRODUCE TEST SAMPLES - For fabrication, auditor will witness desiccant-filling, if necessary. Auditor will place sample identification labels between the glass as IG units are fabricated. Auditor will witness sealant(s) application. Auditor will note the following:
  • Spacer type, size and manufacturer;
  • Application of desiccant and number of spacer sides filled with desiccant, if necessary;
  • Corner construction (square cut corners, bent corners, corner keys or fasteners, etc);
  • Glass thickness and size (14x20”);
  • Primary sealant type and manufacturer;
  • Secondary sealant type and manufacturer (if dual seal);
  • Desiccant type and manufacturer;
  • Muntin type and manufacturer and
  • Finished product labeling for IGCC/IGMA requirements;
  • If gas content initial and after weathering (GCIA) certification is desired, auditor will witness gas operation of 14x20” test units;
  • When GCIA, all IG units shall include gas, minimum 90% initial gas content, except muntin units are not subject to gas content testing, only fog testing.

After IGCC/IGMA audit and fabrication:
1) Ship the IG test samples to the designated lab in a timely manner. Samples must be shipped within (4) four weeks;
2) Review audit documents for accuracy;
3) Promptly address any noted corrective actions;
4) Contact the IGCC/IGMA Administrative Office if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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