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Whole Vehicle and Components Norwegian Type Approval
According to The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) regulations, all imported vehicles must pass the type approval of Norway before they can enter the Norwegian market. There are different approval schemes for imported vehicles: EC Type Approval, Individual Approval and National Type Approval. Vehicles imported by private individuals must either have EC type approval, or be individually approved in Norway, before they can be registered. For commercial importation, there is a Norwegian national type approval scheme that applies to most groups of vehicles not covered by the EC type approval scheme. Vehicles that are not approved in Norway may not be taken into use. Importers should familiarise themselves with the regulations in advance.

EC Type Approval of vehicles: If the imported vehicle has been granted EC type approval, this is valid in Norway as well. EC type approval is issued to vehicle manufactures and does not depend of the importer.

National Type Approval of vehicles: National type approval is granted by the Directorate of Public Roads. This approval scheme is used by importers and manufacturers that wish to obtain approval of several identical, serially manufactured motor vehicle types. The vehicles must not have EC type approval and must not have been previously registered in Norway or abroad. Chapter 6 of the Motor Vehicle Regulations contains information about vehicle groups that are, or may be, subject to national type approval.

Individual approval of vehicles: All imported vehicles without EC type approval must be approved in Norway. Most cars imported by private individuals must be approved individually. In order to be granted individual approval, the vehicle must undergo an inspection at one of the NPRA’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office.

ATIC's experts are working under designated technical services in Europe to conduct Initial Assessment, Witness Testing and CoP accessment as authorized inspectors. Our authorities include E/e 5 Sweden, E/e 13 Luxembourg, E/e 24 Ireland, E/e 49 Cyprus, E/e 32 Latvia and E/e 36 Lithuania.

ATIC is also qualified ATS Point who is designated by Sammarinese Approval Authority, through which are issued certificates of approval of vehicles, components, technical units and vehicle systems in general with the code E57.

ATIC provides homologation services including above EC type approval, national type approval and individual approval.
General Steps
Initial Assessment
The first application for a manufacture to the authority generally requires initial assessment. There is possibility that authority may exempt onsite initial assessment by accepting ISO/IATF certificates.
Information Document
Information document including sufficient drawings of the vehicle/component shall be prepared and submitted to the technical service by the manufacture/applicant. ATIC experts also can support manufacture/applicant to prepare information document based on CAD drawings and vehicle/component specifications.
Type Testing
In most of the cases ATIC experts will witness testing in 3rd party testing lab and draft technical reports. If the manufacture is equipped with competent facilities it's also possible to make witness testing using manufacture's facility. ATIC experts will conduct lab assessment before witness testing and draft lab assessment report.
Information Documents, Technical Reports as well as other technical documents if needed will be submitted to the authority. Authority will review and issue type approval certificate if all the documents, tests, drawings fulfill the regulations and requirements.
Other Key Points
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Norway's Support Policy For Electric Vehicles
Norway is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in Europe. As early as 2016, the Norwegian government announced plans to stop selling fuel vehicles in the country in 2025. In 2020, Norway's electric vehicle sales accounted for 54.3%, becoming the first country in the world to surpass that of fuel vehicles in the annual car sales.

The Norwegian government has spurred people to buy new energy vehicles by adjusting the car tax rate. In Norway, consumers need to pay 25% of the value-added tax on the purchase of fuel vehicles. In addition, they also need to pay a series of taxes and fees such as carbon dioxide emission tax, NOx emission tax, weight tax, and electric vehicles do not need these additional fees. 

Not only that, Norway, as the world's third largest natural gas producer and the eighth largest oil producer, had a gasoline price of 13.34 yuan per liter on May 17, ranking third in the world. At the same time, Norway is also one of the countries with the lowest electricity bills in the world. This series of policies has enabled the rapid development of new energy vehicles in Norway.
Motor vehicles and their trailers, and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles

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Road Traffic Act
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