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Motor Vehicle Type Approval
The Republic of Peru, referred to as Peru, is located in the western part of South America. The main regulatory authorities for motor vehicle homologation are Ministry of Transport and Communications - MTC and Ministry of Environment - MoE.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) is in charge of transport and transit regulations, as well as the management of transport services at the national level. Dirección General de Transporte Terrestre - DGTT is the subordinate department who is responsible to propose draft regulations, regulations and other provisions related to transportation and land transit activities, maintain a standard system of homologation, certification, verification and technical vehicle reviews as well as regulate its operation. 

ATIC experienced experts provide professional and efficient consulting and homologation service for whole vehicle and component manufactures intended to enter Peruvian market.
General Steps
ATIC engineers will support manufacture to prepare application documents, evaluate vehicle and components' specifications and submit registration to DGTT and MoE.
ATIC engineers will draft safety and emission testing plan, conduct or follow up testing in 3rd party test labs in China or Peru.
Technical Review
After documents ready and all tests passed, technical application form and Sworn Statement will be prepared and submitted to DGTT and MoE for review.
Authorities will review all the submitted documents and if satisfied vehicle or component registration will be approved.
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No. Name (Spanish) Name (English) Regulation
1 Gestión de automoción y regulación de homologación Automotive Management and Type Approval Regulation
DS No. 058-2003-MTC
2Gestión de automoción y regulación de homologación - actualización
Automotive Management and Type Approval Regulation - Update
DS No. 019-2018-MTC
3EmisiónEmissionDECRETO SUPREMO No 047-2001-MTC
4Emisión - actualización
Emission - Update
DS No. 019-2017-MINAM

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