ATIC Philippine Vehicle Type Approval


Philippine Motor Vehicle Type Approval
Philippine Motor Vehicle Type Approval includes Vehicle Emission Certification and Vehicle Safety Inspection. The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources implements the certification of automobile emissions. Vehicles that pass the automobile emission inspection are issued with CoC certificates. the Land Transport Agency (LTO) under the Department of Transportation, is responsible for the whole vehicle safety inspection, safety inspection certificates will be issued to vehicles that pass the inspection testing. In addition, for some automotive spare parts (or aftermarket parts) such as seat belts, glass, etc., BPS certification is also required. BPS is the National Bureau of Product Standards under the Department of Trade and Industry which implements mandatory certification of consumer products including auto parts.

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General Steps
Manufacturer prepares the documents and reviewed by ATIC experts. ATIC support importer or manufacture to submit application to Philippines BPS.
Factory Audit and Testing
Generally initial factory audit shall be conducted by BPS officers, ATIC will follow up the factory audit and may accompany with BPS auditors during the factory audit. After factory audit ATIC experts will prepare a testing plan and witness testing in designated labs and send technical reports to authorities for approval.
After factory audit and testing pass, all technical reports, type approval certificates and application documents reviewed by BPS the ICC certificate will be issued by BPS.
Mass Production and Sales
After approval, manufacturer shall ensure that the whole vehicle or components are manufactured in full compliance with regulations and annual maintenance audit will be conducted by BPS.
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Technical Requirements

No. Product (Filipino) Product (English) Regulation
1 Mga Sistema ng preno para sa Mga Komersyal na Kotse Brake Systems for Commercial Cars
2 Mga Sistema ng preno para sa mga Kotse ng pasahero Brake Systems for Passenger Cars 
3 Mga Anchorage ng Belt ng Kaligtasan Safety Belt Anchorages  R14
4 Kaligtasan ng Belt Safety-belt
5 Upuan Seats
6 Headrest Headrest R25
7 Mga Piresong Gulong para sa Mga Pasaheng Pasahero Pneumatic Tires for Passenger Cars R30
8 Paglabas ng Medium at Malakas na Sasakyan Emission of Medium and Heavy Vehicle R49
9 Nakasisilaw Glazing R43
10 Rearview Mirrors Rearview Mirrors R46
11 Paglabas ng Mga Komersyal na Kots Emission of Commercial Cars R49
12 Ingay Noise R51
13 Mga Piresong Gulong para sa Mga Komersyal na Kotse Pneumatic Tires for Commercial Cars R54
14 Manibela Steering R79
15 Paglabas Emission R83
16 Paglabas ng Class L Vehicle Emission of Class L Vehicle R83
17 Ingay ng Class L Vehicle Noise of Class L Vehicle
18 Mga Gulong ng Sasakyan L Class Tires of Class L Vehicle R75
19 Mga sistema ng alarma sa sasakyan (VAS) Vehicle alarm systems (VAS) R28

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