RELEASE DATE:2021-03-02 15:30
BriefSince 2018, several product categories have been removed from CCC mandatory product certification scope to CCC mandatory self-declaration scope. In order to further improve the compulsory product certification (CCC certification) self-declaration evaluation method, CNCA on the release of the relevant standard revision compulsory product certification self-declaration evaluation method implementation requirements of the announcement.

In order to improve the evaluation way of compulsory product certification (CCC certification) self-declaration, strengthen the enterprise's responsibility, ensure smoothly and orderly implementation of evaluation on the basis of standard revision self-declaration, the committee based on Certification and Accreditation Administration of standard revision of mandatory product certification related issues notice "(the council [2005] no. 18), who will implement requirements announcement as follows:
1. Producers (manufacturers) who apply the CCC certification self-declaration evaluation method should actively track and collect the revision of relevant evaluation criteria, and implement self-declaration in the following manner when the standard is revised.
 (1) In the transition period after the release of the new version of standards and before its implementation, they voluntarily choose to implement evaluation according to the old version or the latest version of the standard; After the implementation of the new version of the standard, the evaluation shall be carried out according to the new version of the standard.
(2) Which has been completed the self-declaration based on the old version of the standard, should refer to the technical resolution that corresponding CCC certification technical expert group, in the implementation of the new version of the standard within a year to complete the new version of the standard self-declaration for version. The old version of the standard self-declaration, will be implemented in the new version of the standard expires one year by the "Mandatory Certification Product Conformity Self-declaration Information Submission System" unified to be cancelled. The latest version of the standard before the implementation of the factory, put on the market and no longer in production of the product, there is no need for the new version of the standard self-declaration.
2. Each CCC certification self-declaration evaluation method  to participate in the implementation of institutions (including certification bodies and laboratories) should strengthen services to assist producers (manufacturers) to obtain detailed and accurate standard change information. In carrying out certification and testing activities in accordance with the new version of the standard, the implementing agency shall ensure that the appropriate technical capabilities are available and qualified.
3. For the change of CCC certification related policies and catalogue scope caused by the revision of the evaluation standard, the relevant implementation requirements shall be uniformly issued by the CCC.

1. Apply for certification by Manufactures
2. Submit documents and arrange certification
3. ATIC informs the sample preparation requirements of testing, and arranges the testing and reporting with laboratory
4. After passing test report and documents review, issue the certificate
5. CCC mark shall be applied
6. Market surveillance after certification process finished

1. GB standards and international standard brake pad testing and pre-test
2. China CCC Compulsory Certification, Compulsory Self-Declaration of Conformity and Voluntary Certification Services
3. Preparation and translation of a complete set of application documents
4. Factory audit guidance, accompanied by translation throughout
5. Cooperate closely with certification body without communication barriers

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