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Taiwan Motor Vehicle Type Approval
The authority of motor vehicle type approval in Taiwan Region is the Ministry of Communications of Taiwan. The Vehicle Safety Certification Center under the Ministry of Communications is a non-profit organization supervised by the Ministry of Communications. The purpose is to study vehicle safety regulations and management systems, and provide vehicle safety inspection and certification related services.

Till March 2021, MOTC has published 150 vehicle safety testing directions. From automotive lighting and light signaling devices, safety glazing, belts, to braking system, seats and headrests, VSTD include most the safety aspects in vehicle system and components.

MOTC has been implementing vehicle safety type approval system since 1998. From then, Vehicle Safety Testing Directions have been established and come into force for whole-vehicle type approval and system, component approvals. By study to UNECE, FMVSS, JIS and GB regulations, Taiwan finds out its own standards in vehicle inspection and management.

ATIC has conducted in-depth cooperation with the MOTC and the Vehicle Safety Certification Center VSCC to provide professional one-stop service for motor vehicle and parts companies.

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General Steps
Submit Application
ATIC assists manufacturers to prepare registration documents and submit them to the MOTC
Factory Audit
After the MOTC accepted the application, ATIC experts formulated a factory audit plan and follow up the factory audit

Type Test
ATIC experts assists manufacturers to prepare and submit application materials, formulate test plans and test in designated laboratories in Taiwan, and submit test reports to the MOTC
After the Ministry of Transportation reviewed the report and related materials, the MOTC issued a certificate
Regulation Framework

Taiwan-Vehicle type approval
Safey Regulations
Road Law
- Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations
- Road Traffic Safety Rules
- Vehicle Safety Type Approval Management Regulations
- Vehicle Safety Test Directions(20200303)

Taiwan noise and emission certification
Noise and Emission Regulations
- Inspection and treatment methods for air pollutants emitted by vehicles
- Standards of air pollutant emission from mobile pollution source
- Gasoline vehicles exhaust emission test methods and procedures 
- Motor Vehicles noise control standards
- Motor vehicles noise measurement methods

Taiwan Energy Consumption Certification
Energy Consumption Regulations
- Allowable energy consumption standards and inspection management methods for vehicles (Effective 05/02/2020)
- Key points for sampling and retesting of new vehicles for permissible vehicle energy consumption standards(Effective 24/02/2004)
- Key Points for Vehicle Energy Consumption Certificate Application and Issuance(Effective 22/06/2020)
Taiwan Motor Vehicle Type Approval System
MOTC has been implementing vehicle safety type approval system since 1998. 
From then, Vehicle Safety Testing Directions have been established and come into force for whole vehicle type approval and system, component approvals. 
By study to UNECE, FMVSS, JIS and GB regulations, Taiwan finds out its own standards in vehicle inspection and management. 
ATIC Taiwan Vehicle and Component Certification
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Vehicle Safety Testing Directions
Items (Chinese)
Items (English) VTSD No.
1 车辆安全检测项目之车种代号及其适用规定 The applicable motor vehicle category for vehicle inspection and testing
2 车辆规格规定The requirement of specification for motor vehicle
3 车辆灯光与标志检验规定 The installation of lighting and light-signaling devices VSTD 03
4 静态煞车 Static Braking
5 液化石油气汽车燃料系统检验规定 The inspection requirement of fuel system for LPG vehicle
6 压缩天然气汽车燃料系统检验规定 The inspection requirement of fuel system for CNG vehicle VSTD 06
7 左右两侧防止卷入装置与后方安全防护装置(或保险杠) The lateral protection device and the Rear Underrun Protection Device (RUPD)(or bumper) VSTD 07
8 汽车倾斜稳定度规定 The requirement of vehicle tilt stability VSTD 08
9 喇叭音量-0 Sound level of audible warning device VSTD 09-0
10 声音警告装置(喇叭)安装规定 Installation of audible warning devices VSTD 09-1
11 载重计安装规定 Installation requirements of pay load meter VSTD 10
12 转弯及倒车警报装置安装规定 The installation requirement of turning and reversing audible warning device VSTD 11
13 机车排气系统隔热防护装置 The thermal-insulation protection device of exhaust system for motorcycle VSTD 12
14 机车脚架稳定性与耐久性规定 The requirement of stability and durability regarding motorcycle stands VSTD 13
15 机车客座扶手 The requirement regarding the passenger hand-holds of motorcycle VSTD 14
16 载重计 Payload meter VSTD 15
17 行车纪录器-0 Tachograph VSTD 16-0
18 数位式行车纪录器-1 Digital tachograph VSTD 16-1
19 小车附挂拖车之联结装置 Static strength of coupling devices for trailer towed by small vehicles VSTD 17
20 小型汽车置放架 Static strength of luggage racks for small vehicles VSTD 18
21 车辆内装材料难燃性能要求 Flammability of the interior materials for motor vehicle VSTD 19
22 反光识别材料 Retro-reflective markings VSTD 20
Audible warning devices VSTD 21
24 速率计 Speedometer VSTD 22
25 间接视野装置安装规定 Installation of devices for indirect vision VSTD 23
26 机车控制器标志 Driver operated controls VSTD 24
27 安全玻璃 Safety Glass VSTD 25
28 安全带 Safety Belt VSTD 26
29 间接视野装置 Devices for indirect vision VSTD 27
30 轮胎 Tyre VSTD 28
31 灯泡 Filament lamps VSTD 29
32 气体放电式头灯 Gas-discharge Headlamps VSTD 30
33 方向灯 Direction indicator VSTD 31
34 前雾灯 Front fog lamps VSTD 32
35 倒车灯 Reversing lamps VSTD 33
36 车宽灯(前位置灯) Front position lamps VSTD 34
37 尾灯(后位置灯) Rear position lamps VSTD 35
38 停车灯 Parking lamps VSTD 36
39 煞车灯 Stop lamps VSTD 37
40 第三刹车灯 S3 stop lamps VSTD 38
41 示廓灯 End-outline marker lamp VSTD 39
42 侧方标识灯 Side-marker lamps VSTD 40
43 反光标志 Reflex reflectors VSTD 41
44 动态刹车 Dynamic Braking VSTD 42
45 防锁死煞车系统 Anti-lock braking system ABS VSTD 43
46 转向控制系驾驶人碰撞保护 Steering control system - The protection of the driver against the steering mechanism in the event of impact VSTD 44
47 侧方碰撞乘员保护 The protection of the occupants in the event of a lateral collision VSTD 45
48 前方碰撞乘员保护 The protection of the occupants in the event of a frontal collision VSTD 46
49 转向系统 Steering equipment VSTD 47
50 安全带固定装置 Safety belt anchorage VSTD 48
51 座椅强度 Seats VSTD 49
52 头枕 Head restrain VSTD 50
53 门闩/铰链 Door latches and retention components VSTD 51
54 非气体放电式头灯 Headlamps (headlamps of gas-discharge type excluded) VSTD 52
55 后雾灯 Rear fog lamps VSTD 53
56 火灾防止规定 Prevention of fire risks for the large passenger vehicle VSTD 54
57 大客车车身结构强度 Strength of super structure for large passenger vehicle VSTD 55
58 电磁兼容性 Electromagnetic Compatibility VSTD 56
59 小型轻型机车电子控制装置 The electronic control device of small-light mopedVSTD 57
60 小型轻型机车之车架疲劳强度 The frameˇs fatigue strength of small-light moped VSTD 58
61适路性前方照明系统Adaptive front lighting system AFSVSTD 59
62 含视野辅助灯之照后镜 The Rear-view mirror with reverse-assistant lamp VSTD 60
63 机械耦合装置安装规定 The installation of the mechanical coupling device or component VSTD 61
64 机械耦合装置Mechanical coupling device or component VSTD 62
65 低地板大客车规格规定
Low floor vehicle
66 电动汽车之电气安全 Electric safety requirements for battery electric vehicles VSTD 64
67 电动机车高温挤压电击安全防护规范 The prevention requirements for high temperature compression and electrical shock of electric motorcycle VSTD 65
68 燃油箱 Fuel tank VSTD 66
69 载运轮椅使用者车辆规定 Wheelchair accessible vehicle VSTD 67
70 胎压侦测辅助系统 Tyre pressure monitoring system VSTD 68
71 低速辅助照明灯 Manoeuvring lamp VSTD 69
72 车道偏离辅助警示系统(2019) Lane departure warning system VSTD 70
73 行车视野辅助系统(2017) Driving vision assistant system VSTD 71
74 紧急煞车辅助系统(2019) Advanced emergency braking system VSTD 72
75 昼行灯(2017) Daytime running lamp VSTD 73
76 LED(发光二极管)光源(2017) LED light source VSTD 74
77 汽车控制器标志(2018) The location and identification of hand control, tell-tales and indicators VSTD 75
78 车速限制机能(2018) Speed limitation devices VSTD 76
79客车车外突出限制(2018)External projectionVSTD 77
80货车车外突出限制(2019)External projections (commercial vehicle)VSTD 78
81反光识别材料-重型货车与长型拖车用后方标识牌(2017)Rear marking plates for heavy and long vehiclesVSTD 79
82车辆低速警示音(2019)Quiet road transport vehiclesVSTD 80
83氢燃料车辆整车安全防护(2017)Specifications of a vehicle fuel system incorporating the compressed hydrogen storage systemVSTD 81
84氢储存系统(2017)Specifications of the compressed hydrogen storage systemVSTD 82
85氢储存系统组件(2017)Specifications of specific components for the compressed hydrogen storage systemVSTD 83
86煞车辅助系统(2018)Brake assist systemsVSTD 84
87车辆稳定性电子式控制系统(2018Electronic stability control systemsVSTD 85
88后方碰撞燃油箱之火灾防止(2023)Rear-end collision for prevention of fuel tank fire risksVSTD 86
89燃油箱安装规定(2023)Installation of fuel tankVSTD 87
90氢燃料机车整车安全防护(2020)Specifications of a vehicle fuel system incorporating the compressed hydrogen storage system LVSTD 88
91机车用氢储存系统(2020)Specifications of the compressed hydrogen storage system LVSTD 89
92 机车用氢储存系统组件(2020) Specifications of specific components for the compressed hydrogen storage system L VSTD 90

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