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ICT Certification
Telecommunication products manufactured in Vietnam and other countries must be homologated following the mandatory certification scheme published by the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) of Vietnam and printed with ICT conformity mark before entering the Vietnamese market. The Vietnam Telecommunication Authority (VNTA), is assigned by MIC as a designated certification body (OCD), is in charge of the certification and declaration of conformity. The ICT conformity mark makes the product more reliable and safer for the society. 

The telecommunication products are classified into Category I and Category II, respectively need follow Type Approval & Declaration of Conformity and Declaration of Conformity procedures.

ATIC has established partnership with VNTA and designated laboratories in Vietnam to provide ICT one-stop certification services for domestic manufacturers. In particular, the ICT certified licensee needs to be a registered company or legal representative in Vietnam, ATIC also provides legal representative service if requested by manufacturers or importers.


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Other Key Points
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Product Scope

Based on Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT published by MIC, there are two categories of certification, they are:
Category I: Mandatory Type Approval and DoC, products including Bluetooth, WIFI, Antenna, Cell phone, Handheld terminal etc.
Category II: Mandatory DoC, product including Lithium-battery, Router, TV box etc.

Category Product Sản phẩm
Mobile terminal
Radio transceivers used in terrestrial mobile and fixed communications services
Radar equipment
Non-specific short range device  - Allow the device to operate in the frequency band 9 kHz to 25 MHz
Radio equipment - Allow the point-to-point radio equipment to operate in the frequency band 1,4 GHz to 55 GHz

Thiết bị đầu cuối di động
Máy thu phát vô tuyến được sử dụng trong các dịch vụ liên lạc cố định và di động mặt đất
Thiết bị vô tuyến
Thiết bị phạm vi ngắn không đặc hiệu - Cho phép thiết bị hoạt động ở dải tần 9 kHz đến 25 MHz
Thiết bị vô tuyến - Cho phép thiết bị vô tuyến điểm-điểm hoạt động ở dải tần 1,4 GHz đến 55 GHz

Information technology equipment
Broadcast television equipment
Terminal Equipment
Double side band and/or single side band amplitude modulated 27 MHz citizen’s band radio equipment
Lithium batteries

Thiết bị công nghệ thông tin
Thiết bị truyền hình phát sóng
Thiết bị đầu cuối
Băng tần hai mặt và / hoặc biên độ băng tần một mặt được điều chế Thiết bị vô tuyến băng tần công dân 27 MHz
Pin lithium

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